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Bearded Dragon Hot Sauce

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All Natural

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DOUBLE the volume of most hot sauces!

Our bottles are 8 oz while most other sauces are 4-5 oz. Thats a lot more bang for your buck!

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Only The Freshest Ingredients

All of our hot sauces are made with the freshest peppers, produce, and spices available. We take no shortcuts when it comes to being "all natural" and we refuse to feed the people chemicals, colorings, and thickeners! These hot sauces are jam packed with flavor, not glycerin. Because we use only the freshest ingredients available to us, the taste and color of our sauce may vary slightly between batches. We make and bottle all of our sauce by hand in small batches to ensure that it is just right. Keep your bottle refrigerated to maximize its shelf life and give it a good shake before using! (remember, separation is natural!)

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Why Bearded Dragon?

We can spend days telling you how superior our hot sauce is compared to others. Experience a consistency and taste like no other.