I’m Nick Zambas, and I own and operate Bearded Dragon Hot Sauce. Bearded Dragon Hot Sauce is an all natural hot sauce company from NJ that is focused on one thing - making the best damn all natural hot sauces you can find! We are obsessed with spice and our sauces speak for themselves. We guarantee you’ve never tasted anything like ‘em!

Coming from a large Greek and Brazilian family, I was no stranger to growing our own fruits and vegetables and making homemade products with them, hot sauce included. Growing up, my family was different from most in that we only ate fresh foods, home-made foods, or food from the land we lived on. We gardened, hunted, and made our own food! Our family's restaurant even makes 90% of our food from scratch! 

As a young adult who suffers with ulcerative colitis, these fresh products made all the difference in my life. Seeing how much this helped my own health issues, I wanted to share the beauty of natural food products with the world. While working as a business development manager at the family restaurant after college, I was looking for new and exciting ways to bring in revenue and thought: “What about some hot sauce?” So I got to work and started tinkering with recipes until they were just right. Using the knowledge I learned from cooking at home and growing up around the food business, I finally found the perfect recipes. What started as a hobby quickly became a passion and soon later, Bearded Dragon Hot Sauce was born. We placed a few bottles out on the tables and after  receiving amazing feedback, we started to sell bottles at the restaurant. Fast forward to 2020, we decided to expand and start selling online. After fully selling out multiple times and getting great reviews, we knew we had something special on our hands. 

While most hot sauce companies find it okay to use preservatives, colorings, thickeners, or other emulsifying agents, we would never stand for it. I found that sauces with those types of ingredients affected my health far more than spice alone. That is why we pride ourselves in taking time to create sauces that not only pack a punch, but also have a beautifully balanced flavor profile with real ingredients that you can see in every bite. 

What started as a hobby and a lifestyle has now turned into a business fueled by our love for good food and all things natural. Take a ride with us and experience flavors and sensations you never knew you needed! Trust us. 

- Nick Zambas