"I’ve ordered and re ordered. It’s actually quite good. Get the green stuff and put it on everything." - John from Facebook

"I ordered it and used it up wayyyy too fast. It’s too good." - Pablo from Facebook

"Got my order today and tried it out with dinner and it is awesome, right amount of heat and the flavor is off the charts" - Jordan from Facebook

“Best in the Biz. You guys went above and beyond. Thank you! I will spread the word and joy of your sauce!” - Mike from Google 

"Without a doubt some of the best hot sauce I've ever had. Its basically like a 1000x better Cholula. (And I love me some Cholula!) Fresh, flavorful, and light with the perfect amount of heat. Bang on, Bearded Dragon Hot Sauce !! Shout out to Rick Maurice for the hook up! Can't wait to try your other products, keep up the great work."- Sean from Google

"I’ve ordered both of their hot sauces. Both were really good."- Randy from Google

"Soooo goood! Once the seals cracked on a bottle of this it’s gone! It’s good on everything! Just had some on my scrambled eggs!" - Vic from Facebook

"I'm a hot sauce fanatic, their add made the sauce look absolutely amazing! I ended up buying both as I couldn't decide, best choice EVER! Both sauces are amazing, full of flavor, good heat, but not over powering the flavor kinda heat! I just placed another order as I'd hate to run out of either!" - Tyler from Facebook

"I ordered the 2 pack, very good flavor! I love the blend of different peppers. Fast shipping and well packaged! 2 thumbs up" - Aiden from Facebook

"bought some it’s great. My only issue is the bottle needs to be bigger!" - Christopher from Facebook

"I got my combo order in the mail this evening. Both sauces are everything I expected and more. The flavor profiles are amazing and just the right heat level to give a tingle while letting the flavors shine completely through. Absolutely worth the purchase price. I really can't wait to explore different foods to use them on."    - Fred from Facebook

"Outstanding hot sauces, I eat them everyday. Just wish they would be better at delivering these great sauces." - Mary Lou from Google

"I wanna buy it just because of the label! Looks super yummy, too!" - Will from Facebook 

"They are amazing. Very tasty. Probably some of the best sauces I've ever had..!" - Aaron from Facebook

"Great sauces" - Mark from Google

"Green is amazing!" - Matt from Facebook

"Got mine today, I been following yall and the fresh chile company, have to say I was very disappointed in the fresh chile company. Yall however have out done yalls self, bearded dragon hot sauce is truly amazing. I'll definitely be putting in another order pretty soon." - Adam from Instagram
"if you want to try a new hot sauce that has a unique flavor and won't melt your face, try the red sauce. I am a repeat customer. Flavor is savory and intense." - Wayne from Instagram

"Ive tried alot of different hot sauces, this one is the best so far." - Shawnibal from Instagram 

"Order arrived......dang good stuff!!!" - Jamar from Facebook

"Best hot sauce I've ever had both are very flavorful" - Christian Arce from Facebook

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"Just got my hotsauce!! ITS AMAZING !! TACOS TONIGHT .WOOOHOOI TY TY TY" - Jim from Facebook 

"I have only tried the Red Stuff and it is terrific. Tastes so fresh you would think it was bottled the same day I tried it. Nice hint of garlic on the finish. Great job!" - Randy from Facebook

"Well worth the wait! Absolutely one of the best hot sauces I've ever had!" - Rich from Facebook

"I buy it by the case. Never buy a single as it will be gone too soon." - Todd from Facebook

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"try this shit it’s really good and not overbearing heat." - Ryan from Instagram

"Needing some Red love for menudo and some Green love for Pasolè. Time to reorder. Also, need a bulk option" - Charles from Facebook

"Just got mine today. It is really good" - Chris from Facebook 

"Really enjoying the red sauce." - Anthony from Facebook

"The best hot sauce I’ve tried yet, they don’t taste like your average hot sauces do. both are good but I like the green stuff the best." - Christopher from Facebook

"Tossed some air fried wings with this. Damn!!!" - Dan from Facebook

"This is my new favorite hot sauce. Hopefully you are able to restock soon, I just ran out!" - Peter from Instagram 

"Absolutely loved both flavors!" - Kevin from Instagram

"I haven't tried the green yet, opened the red first. Love it." - Karen from Instagram

"It is amazing!!!! It is now my go to hot sauce!!!!" - Rick from Instagram

"One of the tastiest hot sauces I ever had" - Rich from Instagram

"Best hot sauce currently." - Oso from Instagram 

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"Good hot sauce." - Kevin from Instagram 

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"Just got mine yesterday and I love it" - Matt from Facebook

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"I’ve ordered and re ordered. It’s actually quite good. Get the green stuff and put it on everything." - Alejandro from Facebook

"My breakfasts have been slappin thanks to this sauce" - Rick from Facebook

"Finally received my Bearded Dragon Hot Sauce from my sister Sarah got me for Christmas, Seriously the best tasting hot sauce I had in so long !" - Mike from Facebook

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"In not the oldest person but this is the best hot sauce I've ever tasted and I'm going on 50 thanks to Nick who gave me my first bottle." - Kristoffer from Facebook 

"I prefer Serrano sauce to everything except for sausages. This flavour has been the best match for that" - Nicole from Instagram

"The red chili + garlic hot sauce has a rich,  tangy, spicy, natural flavor. This sauce would pair well with anything in my opinion that you want to kick up the flavor. Besides the flavor another great aspect  is the all natural ingredients and 0 calories." - Christina from Facebook

"Received my bottles today. So worth the wait!! Delicious" - Konnie from Facebook

"Amazing. I been through 2 red bottles and 1 green.I was telling Nick I mix it with ranch and make a spicy ranch sauce for the tacos. DELICIOUS!" - Eric from Instagram

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