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Signature Collection Combo Pack
The Signature Collection Combo Pack is perfect for trying both our original sauces, restocking on your favorite, or gifting to friends and family. 
  • 1 Red Stuff & 1 Green Stuff
  • 2x Red Stuff
  • 2x Green Stuff

The Signature Collection Combo Pack

Experience the pinnacle of spice with these wonderfully crafted, handmade hot sauces that are sure to keep you coming back.


Made in small batches with natural, ethically sourced ingredients. No MSG, no colorings, no thickeners. Only whole ingredients.

Our sauces were developed and tested for over 3 years to bring our customers an unparalleled lingering flavor with the perfect amount of kick. We believe that flavor is just as important as heat, and that shows in our products.

Traditional hot sauces come in 4oz-6oz bottles.
All Bearded Dragon Hot Sauce bottles are 8oz, giving you more for your buck.

Bundle and SAVE with the combo pack! Get either one of each sauce or double up on two of the same. 


This bundle includes:

  • 1 8oz bottle of our Red Stuff (Red Chili + Garlic Hot Sauce)
  • 1 8oz bottle of our Green Stuff (Serrano + Onion + Garlic Hot Sauce)
  • Or, buy 2 of the same!

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"I'm obsessed..."

- Hailey Becker, verified customer ✅

Looking for a hot sauce with more to offer than just spice? You're in the right place.

Years to develop
Bottles sold
Happy customers

Experience a new generation of
fresh, gourmet hot sauce.

At Bearded Dragon, we specialize in making flavorful sauces that bring more to your meal than just heat. Carefully handcrafted, and expertly produced, our sauces are sure to bring a vibrant and fresh "POP" to any meal! 

Loved by adults and kids alike, this sauce is destined to be a "go-to" in your fridge. We make all of our sauces with fresh peppers and vegetables and NEVER use any preservatives, colorings, msgs, or any other chemicals.
We are commited to using ethically sourced, fresh, natural ingredients in every batch of hot sauce we make. 
  • Vegan
  • Gluten-free
  • No artificial flavors
  • No preservatives
  • Extremely, extremely flavorful
Red Stuff is our most versatile sauce, perfect for veggies, eggs, wings and much more

Expect a diverse flavor profile, with a punch of garlic and onion, followed by just the right amount of heat. A sure way to bring any meal to the next level.
Green Stuff is made with extra habanero and serrano peppers for an extra layer of heat than Red Stuff. Carrots and brown sugar are used to tame the heat with a touch of sweetness.

Perfect for steak, tacos, chicken and much more. Expect a dynamic rush of flavors all at once..

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Pro Tip
+ Try our sauces with chicken, steak, vegetables and rice, or incorporate your favorite into a recipe to add that extra layer of FLAVOR.


  1. Is it really that flavorful?
    According to our customers (and us), Bearded Dragon hot sauces are indeed flavorful

    Our recipes were developed over 2+ years with one goal in mind:
    Create the most flavorful, fresh & natural hot sauce on the market.
  2. Are there any preservatives or artificial flavorings?
    We never have, and never will use any preservatives, artificial flavorings, artificial colorings, or MSG.

    Our sauces texture, color and flavor are all natural.
  3. Is it vegan?
    Yes. Our hot sauces are all vegan.
  4. Is it gluten-free?
    Yes. All of our hot sauces are gluten-free.
  5. Are the bottles really double the size of other hot sauces?
    That is correct! Conventional hot sauces typically come in 4-6 ounce bottles. With Bearded Dragon gourmet hot sauces, you get up to double the volume of hot sauce to enjoy!
  6. Does it need to be refrigerated?
    Yes. We always recommend refrigerating your Bearded Dragon hot sauces once opened.

    The sauce will last 6 months if kept in the fridge after opening.
  7. How long will each bottle last?
    Unopened bottles have a shelf life of 3 years.

    Once opened, bottles will last 6 months if refrigerated.
  8. What does the sauce pair well with?

    Our customers favorites are chicken, steak, vegetables, seafood, rice and eggs.

    Bearded Dragon gourmet hot sauces are also a great way to spice up your recipes. Mix it with your salsa, add some to your pasta, or add a hefty drizzle to any meal. So many possibilities!
  9. How spicy is it?

    Red Stuff is moderately spicy with a heat rating of 5/9.

    Green Stuff is slightly spicier with a heat rating of 7/9.
  10. Why does the sauce vary in texture and color between batches?
    Making fresh hot sauce in small batches with fresh ingredients means that every batch will have a very slightl difference in texture and color. Flavor will always be the same!

    These differences between batches are a testament of our devotion to using only the freshest, most natural ingredients.